9 Christmas gift ideas in Singapore 2017


Christmas is almost upon us! Seeing red ornaments everywhere, beautiful Christmas wreaths on your neighbour’s home and festive jingles in every mall from Orchard to Pasir Ris, I’m filled with a familiar dread. I have no idea what gift to get.

My sister used to have the best tip ever for Christmas shopping. Her advice: Pick a gift every month from January and by the time Dec rolls around, you’d have a gift for everyone. Well no one has time for that . For the rest of us, lost souls, I sure have a treat for you.

Here’s my curated top 10 list of stylish and tasteful Christmas gift ideas in 2017. Every single gift was handpicked from Singaporean makers and startups (yay spread the local love) and a couple from Hong Kong.

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For flower lovers and aspiring horticulturists




Transform your home (or giftee's home) for the festive season with BloomThis’s Gabrielle. The adorable Christmas tree is just the right size to fit into tight spaces! Get the jingle bells ringing with this tree made with red Carnations, Cotton Flowers, Pine Cones, Fish leaves and Pine leaves.
Buy: BloomThis Gabrielle
Price: SGD 79.00
Delivery: Singapore
Delivery Time: Same day - next day (SG, MY)


For the gourmet foodie

Demo Choco
Laksa Truffle
Chocolate that comes in Hae Bi Hiam, Basil and Salted Egg & Cereal? Demo Choco infuses wonderful local flavours into truffles. Artisan, small-batch and hand made, plus they have a Laksa flavour. Sweet.
BuyDemo Choco Laksa Truffle
Price: SGD 19.00
Delivery: Singapore
Delivery Time: 3 days (SG)


For the drinks connoisseur


1872 Clipper Tea Co.
Singapore Local Hawker Drinks Collection
What do you get for tea drinkers who’ve tried it all? How about teas inspired by hawker drinks? Yup, I’m thinking milo, bandung, longan and pineapple in a gorgeous tin. Gotta try 'em all.
Buy: 1872 Clipper Tea Co Singapore Local Hawker Drinks Collection 
Price: SGD 16.00 / tin
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 3-5 days (SG), 8-24 days (MY)
Paper Lantern
Sichuan Pepper Gin

Frankly I haven’t tried this but Sichuan Pepper Gin? Distilled in Chiang Mai from rice with ginger, galangal, lemongrass and makhwaen - this is something your drinking buddies have never sipped, and such a hip bottle.
BuyPaper Lantern Sichuan Pepper Gin
Price: SGD 115.00
Delivery: Singapore only
Delivery Time: 2-3 days (SG)


For geeky techies


Geranium iPhone Snap Case

My heart skipped a beat. It’s the prettiest iPhone case I’ve ever seen (and hey, I’ve bought lot of cases in my life). Of course, we do flowers (ahem) so I’m partial to anything floral but here’s a case that gets what users want - ultra thin, fingerprint free, scratch-free and wireless-charge ready. Go for it, make a girl happy this Christmas.
Buy: Casetify Geranium iPhone Snap Case
Price: USD 35.00
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 3-5 days (expedited) (SG, MY), 7-10 days (standard) (SG, MY)


For discerning stationery users


Custom Wax Seal Stamp

Personal seals are an excellent gift for those who love writing letters and cards, scrapbooking or someone with a wedding coming up. Lovely hand inked cards with intimate messages want nothing more than to be stamped with a hot wax monogram. Stamptitude seals come in a delightful, petite box with wax.
Buy: Stamptitude Custom Wax Seal Stamp
Price: USD 43.00
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 2-3 days (express FedEx), 7-10 days (standard) (SG,MY)


For design collectors


The Farm Store
Kueh Posters by Lee Xin Li

Purveyors of Singaporean design, The Farm Store stocks delightfully quirky goods from local makers and creatives. These Kueh Posters look great framed up in the kitchen or dining room. Gift them to enthusiastic foodie friends who love nostalgic knick-knacks.
Buy: The Farm Store Kueh Posters by Lee Xin Li
Price: SGD 20.00 / pc, SGD 54.00 / 3 pc
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 2-3 days (SG), 4-6 days (MY)

Red Republic
Recipe Plates

Aspiring cooks will love these! Not only do you get authentic Singaporean recipes, they also look great as a set on the dining table. Give all five of these and get invited to your gift-ee’s first Hainanese Chicken Rice cookout.
Buy: Red Republic Recipe Plates
Price: SGD 16.90 / plate
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 4-6 days (SG, MY)


For fitness enthusiasts


This is Love
Cairo Yoga Mat

Presenting the most charming yoga mats we’ve ever come across. Help your giftee look fab and stand out in a class full of black and blue with the Cairo mat. Made of natural biodegradable tree rubber and a microfibre suede top in (again) our fav coral colour! 
Buy: This is Love Cairo Yoga Mat
Price: SGD 95.00
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: n/a


For scent and fragrance lovers


Singapore Botanic Gardens
Orchid Melody Luxury Reed Diffuser

Nothings says ‘welcome home’ more than the lovely scent of orchids when you open the door. Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Orchid Melody Diffuser blends Japonia, Gardenia and Orchid for and exotic fragrance with woody undertones. Gift the calming power of aroma to your loved ones.
Buy: Singapore Botanic Gardens Orchid Melody Luxury Reed Diffuser
Price: SGD 85.00
Delivery: Singapore only
Delivery Time: 2-5 days (SG)


For the fashion conscious


The Mindful Company
Be Present Reminder Cuff

Remind your loved one to live in the now with The Mindful Company’s Be Present reminder cuff. With a Linjer-like minimalist style, the cuff bracelet is graceful and a great match with any jewellery. The bracelet is plated in 18k rose gold and hypoallergenic with an option to engrave a personalised message on the underside. Merry Christmas!
Buy: The Mindful Company Be Present Reminder Cuff
Price: SGD 58.00
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 3-5 days (SG), 4-6 days (MY)



Delight your loved ones and send wishes of love & joy with Singapore's most stylish flowers.