8 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts & Activity Ideas in Singapore 2018



Who needs superheroes when you have mum? We’ve all been through many situations that made us realise that indeed mums know best. They’ve seen us through our teenage rebellion and worked hard to give us the best. So, this Mother’s Day, what would you give to the woman who’s sacrificed so much for you?

Well, look no further cos we’ve got your bases covered with this carefully curated list of great gift and activity ideas to celebrate everyone's favourite superhero on her special day!


A beautiful flower bouquet from BloomThis


You can never go wrong with flowers. Especially when they look like Tessa with its exhilarating curation of the majestic pink Lily, avalanche pink Rose and white Eustoma, adorned with stalks of delicate Wax Chamelaucium and Eucalyptus! She’s sure to put a smile on mum’s face, I promise.

Buy: BloomThis Tessa
Price: SGD 79.00
Delivery: Singapore
Delivery Time: Same day - next day (SG, MY)


Gold Raw Citrine Trio Necklace from By Invite Only


Understated yet elegant, this necklace will make a meaningful addition to mum’s jewellery collection. Carrying the power of the sun, the citrine stone is warm and comforting, energizing and life-giving. Now, doesn’t that remind you of mum?

Buy: By Invite Only Gold Raw Citrine Trio Necklace
Price: SGD 42.00
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 1-3 days (SG), 2-4 days (MY)


Everyday Essential Oils Kit from Young Living


Image: Pinkee Promise


It always amazes me how mum can always make any sniffle or scraped knee feel much better with her gentle words and soothing touch. Is your mum an amazing “healer” like mine too? Return the favour this Mother’s Day with this collection of everyday essential oils from Young Living. Wanna score some extra brownie points? Pamper her with a relaxing shoulder massage coupled with a few drops of the Stress Away Essential Oil Blend from the kit for better results.

Buy: Young Living Everyday Essential Oils Collection
Price: SGD 301.32
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 2-3 days (SG and MY)


Aroma Candles from A Dose of Something Good


Does your home have that warm, familiar smell that reminds you that you’re well… home? My mum loves to make our home smell nice and soothing with her array of aromatherapy candles. If your mum also shares the love for aromatherapy, I bet she’ll love these made-to-order creations from A Dose of Something Good that not only smell good but look good as well.

Buy: A Dose of Something Good Aromatherapy Candles
Price: SGD 175
Delivery: Singapore only
Delivery Time: 2-3 days (SG)


Prepare a Healthy Meal for Mum


Cliché as it sounds, nothing says “I love you” better than a home-cooked meal. But, if you’re a hopeless cook like me, a simple yet healthy brunch of toast topped with avocados and this home-made hummus spread from Holy Moley Dips will do the trick too. After all, it’s the thought that counts right?

Buy: Holy Moley Dips
Price: SGD 8-12
Delivery: Singapore only
Delivery Time: 1-3 days (SG)


Gourmet Tea Blends from Ette Tea Company


Nasi lemak, chicken rice, pandan chiffon cake. Are these some of mum’s favourite foods?
While you can try to perfect the recipe and cook it up for her, you can also consider gifting her these gourmet tea blends from Ette Tea Company to show her your appreciation for all these years she’s kept you well-fed.

Buy: Ette Tea Company Local Flavours Tea Collection
Price: From SGD 8
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 2-3 days (SG)


Handcrafted Body Cream from Mandy T Skincare


If your mum is big on natural, plant-based beauty products, then this best-selling body cream from home-grown skincare label, Mandy T Skincare, will be right for her. Freshly hand-crafted in small batches right here in Singapore, this award-winning luxurious body cream will leave her skin feeling super smooth.

Buy: Mandy T Skincare Lemongrass + Lemon Body Cream
Price: SGD 55.90
Delivery: International
Delivery Time: 3 days (SG)


Attend a Pottery-Making Class with Mum


Looking for ways to spend some quality time with mum? Why not do it over the pottery wheel and make her a gift from your heart! Sign up for the pottery-making workshop at Thow Kwang Pottery and explore the oldest surviving Dragon Kiln in Singapore together with mum. Besides, you both get to bring home your own ceramic pieces made during this special bonding session.

Sign-Up: Thow Kwang Pottery Making Workshop
Price: SGD 60 per person
Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

There you have it, our 8 specially picked gift and activity ideas to give you a head start this Mother’s Day! Whatever your pick, why not make it a little extra sweeter with some beautiful blooms from BloomThis? Check out our special Mother’s Day collection here.





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