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Flowers & foliage are living things and may change in shape, size & colour depending on the season. Trust us to pick the best while keeping close the look & feel of each arrangement.

An expressive curation of Robina Lily, Waxflower, Avalanche Rose, white Eustoma adorned with Eucalyptus Cinerea. Suitable to be given to your loved ones or even colleagues. Show your appreciation today with Tessa.

Large: 40 cm (L) x 38 cm (W) x 45 cm (H)
Medium: 33 cm (L) x 30 cm (W) x 33 cm (H)

Large: Robina Lily (2-3 stalks), Avalanche Rose (4-5 stalks), Waxflower, White Eustoma & Eucalyptus Leaves
Medium: Robina Lily (1 stalk), Avalanche Rose (2-3 stalks), Waxflower, White Eustoma & Eucalyptus Leaves

Birthday, Friendship, Graduation, Love, Apology, Anniversary, Thank You

2-4 days

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1. Get a clean vase. The cleaner your vase, the lesser the bacteria, the longer your flowers bloom. Of course, you can also use a jar, a mug, a teapot or anything that you fancy.

2. Add flower food into the vase from the sachet. Flower food can increase the flowers-life up to 60%. This is because it contains all the nutrients that your flowers need!

3. Fill the vase with cold tap water. Too much water can speed the decay of the stems, and too little will hamper hydration. We suggest you to fill in two-thirds full.

4. Cut approximately 2cm off each stem at a slant (and repeat every few days). Flower stems will brown over and decay which till hamper hydration. By snipping off the bottom few centimeters keeps your flower hydrated and lengthens their life.

5. Remove all the lower leaves. Make sure there are no leaves in the water because they decay much faster underwater. Decaying leaves will create bacteria that will spoil your flowers.

6. Change water daily. Change the water when the water becomes discoloured. Dirty water will block the stems and hamper hydration.

7. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and ripening fruit.

8. When a flower begins to wilt, remove it from the bouquet. Flowers bloom and wilt at different times. Hence remove wilted flowers to avoid spreading of bacteria to other flowers.

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It is your responsibility to ensure that your recipient is available to receive the flowers when they are delivered. In the event that a delivery has to be rescheduled or re-routed, a re-delivery fee will apply.

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